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About us

Shippii is not a carrier, but a distribution marketplace. Shippii is all-in-one solution for international shipping. We operate within global distribution marketplaces, optimizing and making cross-border parcel distribution easier for e-commerce.

With the marketplaces' combined volumes and our delivery service in one place, we are able to provide merchants with a better delivery solution. We know that online retailers lack relevant delivery options – providing diverse global delivery options requires resources, the process is difficult and complicated, and carriers demand deposits. This has a direct impact on conversion rates and especially on international sales volumes.

Shippii provides a simple solution – a standard plug-in servicing 400+ global carriers and delivery options. By leveraging the marketplaces' combined volume, we are able to lower the distribution costs. On top of that we require no deposit – you pay as you go which means less working capital. Shippii provides implementation, customer support, development for Shippii Platform, and development for standard e-commerce modules.


Benefits for the merchant

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    Easy to implement
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    Easy to increase revenue
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    Reduce cost for shipping
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    Reduce operating cash
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    One set-up serving the globe

Benefits for the end consumers

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    More sites to buy from
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    More distribution services
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    Better services
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    Low distribution cost

Services we provide to merchants

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    Custom clearance – preregister products and prepare documents
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    Distributed label print
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    Flexible payment option – customer, supplier or channel
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    Modules for most common e-commerce platforms + API
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    Global consumer-to-consumer shipping, including payment


Standard e-commerce modules
Shippii has developed a set of standard modules for integration of the most common e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce to ensure carrier connectivity and print of label. Shippii is always enhancing and updating the modules in line with new services from the carriers and market trends
Shippii Platform
The Shippii Transport Management System - TMS is the Backbone in the Shippii Platform. This is administration of connectivity with the carriers, administration of services to the individual shops, price and label administration. The platform is already available for more than 450 global carriers and platform services is also available through open API infrastructure
Label print
From the Shippii platform, a simple standard service can be offered - print of labels. This service can include the standard modules or an API connection, as well as custom made labels or standard labels from carriers
WMS Basic
Most of e-commerce businesses are used to connect or login to a variety of services and applications. With Shippii WMS all order handling iat the warehouse shopfloor can be managed in one place. The WMS is realtime connected to the incoming orders from the e-commerce platform, holds all information about available stock, and it is easy to manage the orders in the WMS or the extended pick application
Pick and Pack Application
To ensure optimal order management in the warehouse, Shippii can offer a simple application for picking and packing of orders. The application is available for most devices and can be configured for optimal flow for any business
Carrier agreements
Shippii offers a set of carrier agreements, either to set the basis of your business or Shippii carrier agreements can be used in combination with business exiting carrier agreement. Business can leverage the best services and price combinations. Shippii offers services from PostNord, Bring, DAO, GLS, DHL, Cainiao, UBon and a set of local truck carrier
Shippii offers Consultancy Services for implementation of the Shippii platform and carrier services. Our implementations are based on Statement of Wok – SoW, accepted by the customer. SoW´s can be fixed price projects or based on an hourly rate.
Shippii offers support agreements according to the requirements in your business. We will of course always try to do our very best for any client. Support agreement includes 24-hour access to Shippii FAQ, helpdesk, 8 hours daily hotline service and monthly set of service hours for support and maintenance
Shippii offers Development Service for additional development of the Shippii platform, applications, modules or carrier services. Our development work is based on Statement of Wok – SoW, accepted by the customer. SoW´s can be fixed price projects or based on a hourly rate.
Partner Model
Shippii is open to partner up with partners models for key associated services – Please call us and we can discuss the opportunities.


Standard e-commerce
  • magento opencard shopify
  • Prestashop Woocommerce Magento2
TMS Shippii Platform
max 139€ to min 69€
  • Contact us for price
TMS Shippii Platform label
max 0.10€ to min 0.02€
per label
  • Contact us for price
VMS Basic Platform
  • Contact us for price
Pick&Pack application
Carrier Agreements
Individual pricing
based on level
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Contact us for price
by the hour
  • based on implementation plan
  • including 10 hours of support
Development for Shippii
By the hour or project based
Development Standard
e-commerce modules
By the hour or project based
Partner model
Custom pricing
  • Contact us for quote