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Big Buck$

In cooperation with selected Carriers, Shippii is introducing the "Big Buck$" service. You can choose a limited selection of products (sizes) and therefore reach optimal packing and shipping prices.

Big Buck$ services

These are the formats that we support transporting in one "Big Buck$" (parcel):

  • 3 * Trays of standard sized 33cl. cans

    (Example: Soda, beer, cider)

  • 6 * Bag-In-Box 3 Liters

    (Example: Wine, liquor)

  • 4 * Bag-In-Box 5 Liters

    (Example: Wine, liquor)

  • 2 * Trays of 24x50cl cans

    (Example: Soda, beer, cider)

If you have ordered exactly one or more of the "Big Buck$" combinations – please then choose "I have Big Buck$" on the order shipping form. After this, please choose the amount of "Big Buck$" boxes that you will need for your order.

If you have any questions or problems with above product – please contact customer service.

Only following combinations can be shipped

Mix up to 6
3L bag in box


Mix up to 4
5L bag in box


Mix up to 3
24x33cl Packs


Mix up to 2
24x50cl Packs

bring dhl usp
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Big Buck$ Prices

#Parcels Denmark Bring Sweden Shippii Finland Shippii
1 114.99 N/A 29.99
2 224.99 N/A 54.99
3 334.99 N/A 75.99
4 439.99 N/A 97.99
5 549.99 N/A 118.99
6 659.99 N/A 140.99
7 769.99 N/A 162.99
8 874.99 N/A 183.99
9 984.99 N/A 205.99
10 1089.99 N/A 227.99